About Us


About Us Rural Youth Redemption Initiative is a community based non-governmental organization operating in Rural Cameroon, with the purpose of improving the socio-economic welfare of young people in the hinterlands. Our 15 – man team is made up of volunteers, who all have a passion to see the vision accomplished, which defines our commitment and dedication to what we do.

We solve community problems through very practical approaches, considering the culture and lifestyle of the communities we work with in designing the methods we use to approach their problems. We encourage parents to send their children to school by distributing books for free, providing basic scholarship programmes, provide educational and career orientation, donate documentation machines; computers, printers, scanners and photocopiers to aid them properly administer examinations. We also target the students as the young minds, bringing them up to speed on issues such as Human Rights and good governance starting in their own milieu, knowing that the youths are the future.

The inspiration for RYRI came in 2008/2009 through our Founder during the three seasons of a one-year training in Nigeria, with a learning visit to Ghana doth: Democracy Series: Participation, Learning and Active Youths in Africa – DESPLAY Africa, by Young Stars Development Initiative in Nigeria and National Endowment for Democracy – NED USA. When he noticed that most organizations in Cameroon (both National and international) as well as the government, limit their activities to the urban centres, failing to reach out to young people in the hinterlands (Rural communities) who are plagued by the hard realities of a typical African Society; Limited Access to: quality Education, pipe-borne water, Electricity, cellular and internet connectivity, and several other basic amenities which can give them an equal opportunity to maximize their potentials and be an active participators in Nation building.

It is by this motivation that we work, so that through educational campaigns and sensitizations we may curb the high rate of under-scholarisation in rural communities which goes a long way to bring awareness on pressing topics like Climate change. We also advocate for a change of mentality and some repugnant cultural behaviours which hinder the youths, especially the girls from having an equal working chance to be a blessing to our communities.

There are many problems in the world today, and we believe that the answer lies in the youths. But unempowered youths who cannot tap into their potentials are not going to bring forth these solutions.

We envision a generation of youths who are holistically developed to attain their utmost potential, who are not afraid to push the limits and be the solution to the problems of our world today.

This is what keeps us going, the possibility of a brighter future which we can have.

The Rural Youth Redemption Initiative has several goals, which are listed below.

  1. To eradicate illiteracy among the youths by promoting education.
  2. To help the youths attain financial independence through youth Empowerment programmes.
  3. To ensure that the youths are healthy and live a health-conscious life.
  4. To influence youths into becoming nation-builders by instilling in them a patriotic mindset and a love for their nation.