About Rural Youth Redemption Initiative

We are an organisation with a passion to see our community transformed and improved. The youth are the future. The best way to ensure the future of our communities is to invest in the youths today. This is why we have made it our purpose to make sure that every youth we can reach is transformed into a productive and instrumental part of society.

With your support we can do more. 

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There are many problems in the world today, and we believe that the answer lies in the youths. But unempowered youths who cannot tap into their potentials are not going to bring forth these solutions.

We envision a generation of youths who are holistically developed to attain their utmost potential, who are not afraid to push the limits and be the solution to the problems of our world today.

This is what keeps us going, the possibility of a brighter future which we can have.

The Rural Youth Redemption Initiative has several goals, which are listed below.

  1. To eradicate illiteracy among the youths by promoting education.
  2. To help the youths attain financial independence through youth Empowerment programmes.
  3. To ensure that the youths are healthy and live a health-conscious life.
  4. To influence youths into becoming nation-builders by instilling in them a patriotic mindset and a love for their nation. 

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